International Women’s Day: Innovation, Technology and Landscapes in focus

8 Mar 2019

International Women’s Day 2019 will be marked on 8 March with the theme: “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change.” Yet for most women working in landscapes around the world, much remains to be done to ensure they have adequate access to critical inputs, including technology.

Infographic: High cost of food waste

4 Mar 2019

Reducing food loss is key to achieving zero hunger and meeting environmental targets. The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) event in Kyoto, Japan, on 13 May, delegates will include discussions on sustainable food production and use.

Cities – opportunities for sustainable landscapes? – View the infographic

11 Oct 2017

Urbanization can decrease emissions and resource use by 15% – learn how and explore opportunities for education and research. Courtesy of:

tropical deforestation statistics - Food & livelihoods

Study on drivers of illegal tropical deforestation

11 Oct 2017

A new study published at Forest Trends shows that half of the world’s deforestation is driven by illegal conversion for commercial agriculture. This comprehensive analysis presents the first-ever assessment of the extent of illegal deforestation and forest conversion for commercial, export-driven agriculture. The report’s findings suggest that around half of this illegal deforestation was driven […]

Sustainable landscape infographic - Food & livelihoods

INFOGRAPHIC: Forests and family farms sustaining landscapes

11 Oct 2017

Originally published at FAO Forests and family farms are part of an integrated productive system for indigenous peoples, local forest communities, and smallholders living in forested landscapes. Together forests and family farms deliver ecosystem services and benefits for livelihoods and well-being. The infographic illustrates the relationship between forests and family farms and highlights the advantages […]

Development miracle or environmental disaster? A look behind the oil palm controversy

11 Oct 2017

This blog by Joan Baxter was originally published at Forests News To the agro-food industry and smallholder farmers in the tropics, it’s a veritable miracle plant. To many NGOs and indigenous groups, it’s a grave threat to land rights and to the environment. So which is it? How can a single plant — the oil […]

Planted Trees and Biodiversity

20 Sep 2017

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Planted Forests and Water Use

20 Sep 2017

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