Planted Forests and Water Use

20 Sep 2017

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For peat’s sake: The facts

17 May 2017

Peat is made up of partly decomposed vegetation and is formed over centuries in anaerobic, waterlogged conditions. Peat has been on our planet for around 360 million years.

Peatlands and Climate Change

20 Mar 2017

Originally posted at FAO – also available in Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, and Indonesian.

An Illustrated Look at Integrated Landscape Initiatives in Africa

3 Jun 2015

Originally posted on Landscapes for People, Food and Nature

Looking at initiatives: Integrated landscapes in Latin America and the Caribbean

16 Apr 2015

Reference: Ursin, E. & Fillion, E. (2015). The Current State of Integrated Landscape Initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean. EcoAgriculture Partners.