scope 3 emissions

Food and forests: Accelerating action to reduce Scope 3 emissions

23 Nov 2022

  Accelerating action to reduce Scope 3 emissions   The world’s food systems urgently need to be reset. Our current systems encroach on the land – particularly forests. This session focuses on three commodities that drive forest loss: beef, soy, and palm oil. It will look at how we can best accelerate action to reduce […]

Our food system, is it sustainable?

5 Jun 2020

https://soundcloud.com/cifor-forests/our-food-system-is-it-sustainable?in=cifor-forests/sets/lets-talk-trees The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed flaws in our global food system, demonstrating how vulnerable it is to unexpected shocks. While there is an emphasis on the production of food staples, including wheat, maize and rice, to meet basic food security needs, in many regions there is a lack of nutrient-rich foods, leading to malnutrition. […]

White Mountain: Maasai vow to restore the lost ice cap of Mount Kilimanjaro

14 Dec 2018

The Kilimanjaro landscape where the most well known and highest mountain in Africa is located is facing environmental challenges. The snow cap on the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro has been retreating since 1912. That has worried the Maasai community in both Kenya and Tanzania, and the communities are now forming a united front to tackle […]

GLF 2018 Priorities

2 Feb 2018

John Colmey, Executive Producer of the Global Landscapes Forum talks about what’s in store for 2018.

GLF 2017 Day 1: “The future of humankind will be decided first and foremost in rural areas”

17 Jan 2018

Listen to powerful speeches from the speakers of the Global Landscapes Forum 2017 event in Bonn.