Lestari Capital’s CEO on Rimba Collective and joint corporate conservation investments

27 Feb 2023

  Unsustainable agriculture and land use across Asia are leading causes of the region’s greenhouse gas emissions. USAID Green Invest Asia helps agriculture and forestry businesses in Southeast Asia improve their sustainable commodity production and manage environmental risks. Green Invest Asia matches companies with a network of financial institutions and investors looking for environmentally and […]

How forestry can solve the climate and biodiversity crises

16 Dec 2022

  How can sustainable forestry help us meet our climate, restoration and biodiversity goals?   Forests cover about 30% of the earth’s land mass and host about 80% of the world’s biodiversity. They provide subsistence, employment opportunities and income to a quarter of the world’s population. So, how can we scale up investments in forest […]

scope 3 emissions

Food and forests: Accelerating action to reduce Scope 3 emissions

23 Nov 2022

  Accelerating action to reduce Scope 3 emissions   The world’s food systems urgently need to be reset. Our current systems encroach on the land – particularly forests. This session focuses on three commodities that drive forest loss: beef, soy, and palm oil. It will look at how we can best accelerate action to reduce […]

What’s going on at COP25?

8 Dec 2019

Steve Leonard, CIFOR senior climate analyst, discusses the state of play after the first week of COP25 in Madrid, including the expectations and the implications of negotiations on the world’s forests. Steve spoke from Madrid with CIFOR Team Leader Jeremy van Loon.

Engaging the Private Sector in Integrated Landscape Approaches: More examples from across Africa

14 Dec 2018

Engaging the private sector is a key action area within the African Landscapes Action Plan (ALAP), which, like AFR100, contributes to the African Resilient Landscapes Initiative (ARLI). Our digital summit panelists are providing insight from both the landscape partnership convener perspective, and from the private sector already engaged in landscape management initiatives. Panelists are Edward […]

Scaling up Social Enterprise for Sustainable Landscapes

4 Jun 2018

How can local projects be scaled into global solutions? How can a movement of social enterprise be leveraged to achieve Sustainable Development Goals? We are discussing all this and more with our panel of Start-up founders, Accelerator mentors and Investors.

The Role of Private Capital in Conservation

4 Jun 2018

By expanding the carbon markets to new sectors and creating further demand for forest-based carbon credits at their true value, conservation finance is absolutely key to protecting critical ecosystems, and enabling businesses and consumers to take much needed climate action.

GLF 2018 Priorities

2 Feb 2018

John Colmey, Executive Producer of the Global Landscapes Forum talks about what’s in store for 2018.

GLF 2017 in Bonn: We are starting a new landscape chapter ahead of 2018

19 Jan 2018

Let us celebrate the outcome of the intense conversations we had, and embrace sustainable change in the use of our lands in the future because we have only one planet.