ukraine food crisis

How the war in Ukraine is causing a food crisis

9 Sep 2022

Ukraine’s key role in the global food system   According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Ukraine produces about 10 percent of global wheat exports and 14 percent of corn exports, in addition to about half of all sunflower oil and a substantial amount of barley and fertilizers. Due to the Russian invasion, much of […]


How biodiversity loss causes pandemics

25 Aug 2022

  Connecting dots   According to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) in its Pandemic report Escaping the Era of Pandemics, there is a clear link between global health pandemics and the biodiversity and climate crisis we are experiencing. Changes in land use, the expansion and intensification of agriculture, and the […]

Give local communities stewardship, not pressure, says One World – No Hunger leader Dr. Schmitz

14 Dec 2018

While strategies and partnerships to restore the world’s degraded forests and landscapes might be conceived in donor offices and government hallways, it’s often local communities who take these plans and put them into world-changing actions. But how do you make sure that this implementation actually happens, and that these agendas to combat climate change actually […]

What is the best way to plant trees? Ecologist Christopher Kettle reveals the secret

14 Dec 2018

Using the right mix of native trees in forest restoration efforts is essential to meeting sustainable development goals including reducing poverty and food insecurity, and supporting biodiversity. Our guest Christopher Kettle from the Bioversity International specializes in tropical forest trees, their reproductive ecology and the importance of forest genetic resources for resilient landscapes. Music by www.bensound.com

The new GLF Landscape Academy is ready to launch

14 Dec 2018

But first, what is it? On 1 December at the GLF Bonn 2018 conference, the GLF will officially launch its Landscape Academy, a first-of-its-kind curated learning platform where students, professionals, colleges and universities, and anyone interested in restoring landscapes can come to take free and paid online courses that will help them learn what they […]

Meet a young Kenyan influencer who uses photography to protect environment

14 Dec 2018

Photo by José Carlos Babo, creative commons

How African countries scale up private sector integration in landscape approaches

14 Dec 2018

Through these examples we hope to help more landscape initiatives reach out successfully to private sector partners, and to motivate more private sector actors, of all sizes, to actively seek out opportunities to be engaged and supportive partners in integrated landscape management in the landscapes where they operate. Take a listen Music: Bensound.com Photo: Ministry […]