Climate in colour

Climate justice for all

6 Mar 2023

  Young people all over the world are organizing climate strikes, leading restoration projects, joining learning programs, and trailblazing with innovative technologies to address climate change. Yet these activists are also adamant that every action taken should also work toward another goal: universal climate justice. But what does climate justice really mean in practice? And […]

Women farmers, the unsung heroes

16 Mar 2020

https://soundcloud.com/cifor-forests/women-farmers-the-unsung-heroes?in=cifor-forests/sets/lets-talk-trees In our very first episode that coincides with International Women’s Day, we highlight the lives of the world’s invisible heroes: women farmers who feed the world. Our guests Houria Djoudi, CIFOR Senior Scientist, Sustainable Landscape and Livelihood team, and Ana Maria Paez-Valencia, ICRAF Scientist on Gender Unit, share their insights on the roles of […]

GLF 2018 Priorities

2 Feb 2018

John Colmey, Executive Producer of the Global Landscapes Forum talks about what’s in store for 2018.

Indigenous leaders: We can protect mother nature like nobody else

22 Jan 2018

They are the custodians of land; they are the guardians of forests and natural resources. Indigenous people all over the world have protected their landscapes since the earliest times. They believe their expertise is indispensable if the world wants to improve land use management and tackle current environmental challenges.