“Voices of the Landscapes” Plenary

17 Jan 2019

Over the course of recent decades, communities across different cultural, ecological and political contexts have put into action innumerable restoration and sustainable management efforts and techniques, proving that local communities and indigenous peoples are crucial to improving the health of landscapes across the globe. Initiatives led by or involving local and indigenous groups have showcased […]

Alexander Watson – To spread restoration, the power of the story

27 Dec 2018

The is an interactive web-based project presentation and communication platform that supports the sharing of landscape restoration experiences. Alexander will make the case based on a real project, highlighting how visualization and storytelling can help projects create attention, engagement and collaboration with a broad group of stakeholders like governments, funding organizations, NGOs and the […]

Rhett Butler – Big talk: How to effectively communicate conservation science

27 Dec 2018

Focused at the links of communication and impact assessment, my talk will offer some practical take home advice for communicating conservation science and issues to the public. It builds on a personal story that illustrates the impact of journalism and communications and will conclude with some “what I’ve learned from 20 years of running Mongabay” […]

Fritz Kleinschroth – Everything is connected: Planning in the water energy food nexus

27 Dec 2018

This talk will spark a discussion about the opportunities, but also the limits, of how far scientists can make their results accessible to local communities or at least to certification bodies such as FSC that have more established participation processes. While there are inherent difficulties in making complex issues accessible to people across various educational […]

Violaine Berger – Forging public private civil society partnerships to address deforestation

27 Dec 2018

This Landscape Talk will demonstrate how public-private-civil society partnerships can help address complex challenges such as deforestation, using the example of the Cocoa and Forests Initiative.