A decade to restore the planet and amplify youth leadership

15 Jun 2020

Regardez la retransmission en ligne en français:  Da click aquí para la transmisión en español:  Achieving the goals of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration requires efforts at multiple scales and by multiple actors, through inter-sectoral and inter-generational approaches. In the last decade, youth networks and organizations have increasingly taken action and demonstrated to the world the power of […]

Generation Restoration: calling to action young restoration practitioners!

15 Jun 2020

Regardez la retransmission en ligne en français:  Da click aquí para la transmisión en español:  During this 30-minute session, the Youth in Landscapes (YIL) Steering Committee will be introducing the audience to the new GLF and YIL youth program, Generation Restoration, and will share some exciting news on the way forward!

A restoration recipe: ingredients for restoring our planet and reclaiming food

15 Jun 2020

Regardez la retransmission en ligne en français:  Da click aquí para la transmisión en español:  Imagine that restoration is the dish we want to cook. What are the essential ingredients needed to make this dish? How do we create the perfect recipe? This youth webinar co-organized by the Youth in Landscapes Initiative with the Wageningen Youth for Landscapes Forum, […]

John Vidal and Bill McKibben on the state of the environmental media

10 Jun 2020

Journalism, the fourth pillar of democracy. Turning, crinkling, scrolling, pressing play. A place for discourse, for common understanding. A place for informing, for revealing. For accountability. For provoking change. Is it doing this now, for the climate? Is journalism helping our planet? Is it using the right words, telling the right facts, reaching its intended […]

How the words we use to describe climate change impact the planet

10 Jun 2020

Words shape how we feel, how we act, how we perceive the world. “Change” and “emergency” resonate in profoundly different ways when attached to the word “climate”. When is alarmist language helpful, and for how long can alarmist language retain its urgency? How do the ways we frame nature affect the degree to which we […]

Building BRIDGEs | Cross-Sectoral Approaches to Biodiversity Conservation: Health, Nutrition, and Ecosystem Services

8 May 2020

  Sound management of natural resources is integral to a country’s development, resilience, and self-reliance. By promoting development that benefits both nature and people, biodiversity conservation activities can strengthen development impact and the capacity of countries to manage their natural resources, improving their self-reliance. For the past five years, USAID’s Biodiversity Results and Integrated Development […]

Food without farmers: Is this the future we want?

25 Apr 2020

The recent IPCC report showed that our food systems are estimated to cause up to 29% of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. This is due to unsustainable crop and livestock production as well as deforestation. Estimates show that agriculture is responsible for 80% of deforestation worldwide. The world is on the cusp of a new […]

What is organic agriculture?

24 Apr 2020

This session will explore the four principles of organic agriculture and will end with a Q&A with organic agriculture experts from around the world. This session is for anyone interested in organic agriculture.

#GLFLive: Q&A with Otto Scharmer

8 Apr 2020

  On 8 April, Landscape News editor Gabrielle Lipton will speak with renowned author, MIT lecturer and creative thinker Otto Scharmer, who coined the term “presencing” about using foresight to understand and change the present. The conversation will address how COVID-19 can and should affect behavior change and be an impetus for re-shaping broken global […]

#GLFLive: Q&A with Charlotte Streck

3 Apr 2020

From the quarantined desk of Landscape News comes a new series of live interviews with experts examining the linkages between COVID-19 and climate change. The series begins with Landscape News editor Gabrielle Lipton in conversation with Charlotte Streck, co-founder and director of global think tank Climate Focus. The discussion will cover reactions from the private sector, accountability for continued climate action from corporations, a climate organization’s life during lockdown and the meaning of a new “normal.”