Virtual Tour: Journey to the Drylands of East Africa, the Last Lands of Eden

25 Jun 2021

Take a virtual trip to the great savanna lands of East Africa—cradle of humankind, home to traditional nomadic pastoralists, and last refuge of some of the most spectacular wildlife populations on earth. Join experts from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), including rangelands specialist Fiona Flintan, ecosystem ecologist Jason Sircely and gender scientist Renee Bullock, […]

Enhancing Restoration Capacities in African Drylands: A Decade for Action

24 Jun 2021

Get an inside look at the results of the African capacity needs assessment undertaken by the UN FAO-led task force on best practices. Discussions in this session raise awareness of the existing systemic capacities for restoration as well as the current gaps and barriers and of the opportunities to meet these needs in the context […]

From Community-Led Restoration to Carbon-Enhancing Landscapes

24 Jun 2021

Building on practical cases from West, East, and Southern Africa, this session explores community-led soil and land restoration that creates tangible benefits for communities and ecosystems by: providing insights on inclusive knowledge-sharing models that enhance access to context-specific data and practical toolkits on soil and land restoration; highlighting community-led “social innovations” that help tackle structural […]

Women of the Drylands: An Intergenerational Conversation

24 Jun 2021

Women in Africa’s drylands could be likened to superheroes: they take care of the kids and the land, and ensure income for their families. And, as if this was not enough, they are an incredible source of knowledge on traditional practices, sustainable land management and innovations for resilience and survival during periods of drought. This […]

Agroforestry: An Opportunity for Youth and Drylands

24 Jun 2021

On the one hand, we have drylands. They constitute 60% of the African continent and, against common misconceptions, hold immense potential to sustain thriving and productive agricultural practices, including – but not limited to – agroforestry. On the other hand, we have youth. Young people are dynamic and innovative; have a high uptake of technological […]

Decolonizing Restoration: Laying Solid Foundations for #GenerationRestoration

24 Jun 2021

As the UN Decade commences, the world must work to ensure that the knowledge, perspectives, interests and needs of Indigenous peoples and local communities – time-immemorial guardians of some of the world’s most pristine and biodiversity-rich ecosystems – are mainstreamed in global restoration agendas, initiatives and debates. During this Youth Daily Show session, Adjany Costa, […]

Whose Land is It Anyways? An Intergenerational Dialogue Exploring Solutions to Land Tenure Challenges

21 Jun 2021

Land is soil, land is food, land is life. Women’s, youths’ and pastoralists’ livelihoods and income often depend on it, but limited availability of communal land and challenges in formal ownership are increasingly creating tension between herders, farmers and investors. While formal land security in Africa is increasing, the number of land disputes is also […]

The Roots of Restoration: Sustainability through Community-Based Forest Landscape Restoration

21 Jun 2021

Land degradation undermines the livelihoods, food security, health and well-being of everyone, but rural and isolated populations are often at heightened risk. Through years of implementing landscape restoration activities, it has become clear that initiatives and interventions are only successful and sustainable if they are embedded in local communities. A comprehensive participation of local stakeholders […]

Voices from the Field: The S/Heroes of Landscape Restoration

21 Jun 2021

This participatory plenary celebrates successful restoration practices, and the women, men and youth who are practicing them in the drylands. Stories are shared from Kenya, Ethiopia, Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria and Niger, and approaches to building grassroots movements are explored at multiple scales, spanning from learnings on restoration at the farmer/household level, all the way […]

Galina Angarova on Biocultural Diversity

27 Nov 2020

Join Galina Angarova, Executive Director of Cultural Survival, for an inspirational discussion on the link between cultural, linguistic and biological diversity.