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Believing in themselves and the future: Youth at the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum

16 Dec 2015

What do a Ugandan lawyer, a Mexican engineer, a Nepalese agriculture student, a Canadian policy advisor, and an Italian forest scientist have in common? They are all young, they are all innovators in their field, and they are all passionate about people and their environments. They are also all part of a group of 50 similarly […]

From global to local: It’s all connected

16 Dec 2015

As global climate and development frameworks fall into place, experts at the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum amplified the call to transform these frameworks into action – and they predict that most of that action is going to be driven by local forces. “It’s been a fantastic year in terms of policies and frameworks and agreements,” […]

GLF youth innovators speak up in exclusive interview

16 Dec 2015

Hook published an intriguing article on the Youth in Landscape Initiative. In this piece Grace Bayley and Shannan Sterne interviewed a some of the young innovators.  These students included Henri from Belgium, Minase from Ethiopia and Oliver from Paris. One of their plans is to improve the fragile landscape in Ethiopia and river water quality. “It is important to […]

A room full of dragons

15 Dec 2015

Imagine walking onto a stage in a room full of 200+ people, in front of a panel of renowned experts, and pitching a solution that you and a group of 10 peers from around the world developed in four short days. And you speak English as a second or third language. For four days, 50 […]

GLF 2015 young innovator shares his thoughts on landscapes and youth in The Huffington Post

14 Dec 2015

One of the 50 Young Innovators of the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum had the opportunity to share his experience of the GLF in The Huffington Post. Pieter Van de Sype, a young landscape professional, described the Youth in Landscapes Initiative as essential part of the Forum. It becomes pretty clear that he enjoyed himself and got valuable insights for his future […]

Watch the winners of the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum partner video award!

13 Dec 2015

Participants of this year’s Global Landscapes Forum will have noticed the excellent selection of short videos, shown around the main events. They were part of a special partner video competition, in which 14 videos were selected because of their high quality. Congratulations to the Landscapes for People, Food, and Nature and EcoAgriculture Partners for their winning video Integrated […]

Youth speaker Salina Abraham grabs spotlight at closure of Global Landscapes Forum

7 Dec 2015

Youth speaker Salina Abraham had the crowd on their feet last night in the closing ceremony of the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum. Well, a sizeable proportion of them stood anyway – when she invited all those aged 30 or below to rise to their feet to be seen. “These here are not just the people who will […]

How partners spread the word on 2015 Global Landscapes Forum

7 Dec 2015

With more than 100 partners, the Global Landscapes Forum is the most important event at the nexus of land use, science, politics, business and civil society. These partners have been incredibly active in blogging about the event and raising awareness on the crucial role landscapes have to play in tackling climate change and achieving sustainable development. […]

2015 Global Landscapes Forum in the media

7 Dec 2015

This year’s Global Landscapes Forum (5-6 December), on the sidelines of the climate change negotiations in Paris, was covered widely in the media. Besides the New York Times and The Guardian (see our story here), who covered the launch of the African landscape restoration initiative, mainstream media and specialised outlets featured aspects of the event. […]

African land restoration and Global Landscapes Forum featured in New York Times and The Guardian

6 Dec 2015

The launch of the African land restoration initiative AFR100 during the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum has been covered by international media such as the New York Times and The Guardian. Under the headline At Climate Talks, African Nations Pledge to Restore Forests the New York Times (Associated Press) takes a look at the launch of an African […]