NDCs and monitoring

11 Dec 2019

CIFOR’s Christopher Martius, principal scientist and hub leader for CIFOR’s Bonn office, discusses how countries can make stronger nationally determined contributions (NDCs) as well as challenges for monitoring progress on forests and landscapes.

Climate and Agriculture at COP

11 Dec 2019

ICRAF scientist Christine Lamanna discusses the role agriculture can plan in tackling the climate crisis and improving livelihoods.

Blue carbon and peatlands and the role they play at climate talks

10 Dec 2019

Daniel Murdiyarso, Principal Scientist at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) talk about Blue carbon and peatlands and the role they play at climate talks

What’s going on at COP25?

8 Dec 2019

Steve Leonard, CIFOR senior climate analyst, discusses the state of play after the first week of COP25 in Madrid, including the expectations and the implications of negotiations on the world’s forests. Steve spoke from Madrid with CIFOR Team Leader Jeremy van Loon.

Forests wildfire

7 Dec 2019

CIFOR tropical forest ecologist Rosa Roman-Cuesta discusses this year’s fires that have occurred in all types of ecosystems from boreal forests to tropical peatlands. She explains the root causes of the problem and what needs to be done to prevent recurring incidents.

The role of forests in addressing climate change

6 Dec 2019

Amy Duchelle-Senior Scientist and Team Leader for Climate Change, Energy, and Low Carbon Development, CIFOR Forests play a crucial role in tackling climate change. Nature-based solutions, or actions to protect, restore and sustainably manage natural ecosystems, are increasingly acknowledged for the positive ways they can contribute to climate mitigation, and support the rights and livelihoods […]

Give local communities stewardship, not pressure, says One World – No Hunger leader Dr. Schmitz

14 Dec 2018

While strategies and partnerships to restore the world’s degraded forests and landscapes might be conceived in donor offices and government hallways, it’s often local communities who take these plans and put them into world-changing actions. But how do you make sure that this implementation actually happens, and that these agendas to combat climate change actually […]

What is the best way to plant trees? Ecologist Christopher Kettle reveals the secret

14 Dec 2018

Using the right mix of native trees in forest restoration efforts is essential to meeting sustainable development goals including reducing poverty and food insecurity, and supporting biodiversity. Our guest Christopher Kettle from the Bioversity International specializes in tropical forest trees, their reproductive ecology and the importance of forest genetic resources for resilient landscapes. Music by www.bensound.com

The new GLF Landscape Academy is ready to launch

14 Dec 2018

But first, what is it? On 1 December at the GLF Bonn 2018 conference, the GLF will officially launch its Landscape Academy, a first-of-its-kind curated learning platform where students, professionals, colleges and universities, and anyone interested in restoring landscapes can come to take free and paid online courses that will help them learn what they […]