AFR100: Gateway to sustainable livelihoods in Africa

21 Jan 2018

Listen to solutions on how to improve livelihoods, natural resources management and land restoration in Africa geared up by the panel discussion about the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100) at the Global Landscapes Forum event held in Bonn in December 2017. AFR100 is a country-led effort to bring 100 million hectares of deforested and […]

From Kenya to Brazil, environmental activism continues

20 Jan 2018

Maria Margarida Ribeiro Da Silva from Brazil won the 4th Wangari Maathai Forest Champion Award 2017 as an acknowledgement for her lifetime achievements in promoting community forest management and fighting for the rights of indigenous people in Brazil’s northern state of Pará.

GLF 2017 in Bonn: We are starting a new landscape chapter ahead of 2018

19 Jan 2018

Let us celebrate the outcome of the intense conversations we had, and embrace sustainable change in the use of our lands in the future because we have only one planet.

GLF 2017 Day 1: “The future of humankind will be decided first and foremost in rural areas”

17 Jan 2018

Listen to powerful speeches from the speakers of the Global Landscapes Forum 2017 event in Bonn.

Digital Summit: Mainstreaming Youth: Selfie or business card?

16 Jan 2018

Meet the next generation of leaders and listen to their journey towards full integration in development activities!

Digital Summit: Mainstreaming Youth – The good, the best, and the ugly

15 Jan 2018

Youth mainstreaming is the strategic tool and strategy for effective youth development. In this Digital Summit, we’re taking the rose-colored glasses off and taking a hard look at what it takes to operationalize youth integration.

Digital Summit: The logic behind the landscape approach

13 Jan 2018

Join a panel of landscapes experts and get exciting insights into the landscape approach.

Do the work and the money will follow: Q+A with youth leader Joseph Macharia

12 Jan 2018

Ahead of the youth activities at December’s Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) in Peru, we catch up with youth leader, Joseph Macharia, to find out how his career path has changed and his advice for upcoming youth leaders and participants in the 2014 GLF. For more information, see www.landscapes.org/youth